Bad Blogger: No Posts

June 21, 2011

Someone online rhetorically asked “How many blogs had to die so that Twitter may live?” I cringe at the truth of that statement. I failed to update my blog for a full year. Not exactly living the blogger’s ideal.

I do not feel a lot of remorse, though. My blog has a small column on the right that displays my most recent tweets. And if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know I have not lost very much momentum with regard to finding and sharing things related to PowerPoint, presentation, and design. My tweets are a mixture of things about Cleveland, stuff I do, and bits that are funny.

If you’re arriving here via #CLE20, welcome! If not, you’re still welcome! If you’re not arriving here, then you would not be reading this now, wouldn’t you? Silly git.

More of the usual “About Me” sort of information is on a page cleverly titled “About Me.” Like what you see? Friend me on Facebook here.

Oh, and I have a new fulltime job as of June 6, 2011. A nine-year stint of self-employment ended with a headhunter’s phone call and an offer. Life is good.

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