Is your PPT template worth $1,000?

June 2, 2010

It can be. Here’s how:

My friend Rick Altman hosts the only conference which I consider a must-go. It’s called The Presentation Summit. You might know it by its former name, PowerPoint Live. It’s happening again in San Diego, CA on October 17-20.

Rick holds a contest each year for you to both show off your design skills and compete for a free full registration, a value of $995. As Rick writes, “The Summit’s Template Design Contest is open to anyone and everyone: your mission is to create the slide design for the conference template. If chosen, your design would be used in all of our seminar tracks by just about all of our presenting team.”

As a five-time attendee, I’ve seen some excellent ones put to good use. I’ve also met some of the previous winners. Seriously, you need not be a top-tier Madison Avenue creative wizard. This content is held for (and won by) unsung, in-the-trenches PPT workhorses who know what they’re doing but want to get better at it. People like you.

So, stretch your creative muscles and maybe win what you and/or your company would have shelled out big bucks for. You can do this.

One more thing … a video promoting the conference. I’m in there. Many friends are too. Enjoy!

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