All The Cool Kids (and me)

January 11, 2010

AlltopThis blog is now among  those listed at Alltop.

Alltop, you might know, aggregates the best of the best blogs in many popular categories, like politics or humor or cooking. Started by Guy Kawasaki, the company aims to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in all the topics that interest you. Read more about Alltop here.

“The Presentationist” may be found at (way at the bottom). I am honored to share the same page with many whom I hold in high regard.

Of course, I realize this means that regular, high-quality blogging must continue in order for this recognition to continue. We know where the downfalls are in that regard.

Here’s a deal: if you don’t follow me on Twitter, at least come back here and peek at my tweets on the right edge of this screen. So much good stuff regarding PowerPoint, presentations, and design flows through the web. I try my best to capture the good stuff for you via Twitter. Longer pieces warrant a blog post.

All the top ideas, opinions, and articles, however, can be found at Alltop. Glad to be aboard.

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