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Let me help you create a new presentation

  • The design of a winning presentation is an elegant solution to a problem. It provides information clearly, it impresses, and it persuades.

  • I will follow these guidelines to create your new presentation:

    • Every part of the presentation must work in alignment toward your goal. I will help you keep on track.

    • The overall look should portray you and your organization well. I will help you shine.

    • The format should work with your environment (large auditorium or small boardroom? audience of two or two thousand? bright area or dark? using a computer projector, laptop screen, 35mm slides or transparencies?) I will choose the right balance or colors, fonts, and visual elements.

    • Data, charts, and graphs from spreadsheets should be legible and pertinent to your objective. I will guide you toward achieving maximum impact.

    • Importing spreadsheet data and choosing the best type of graph is cumbersome for many. I can make recommendations based on the pros and cons of various chart types.

    • Photos and images should be employed only when effective (doing things right) and efficient (doing the right things). I help find new photos, select among your current photos, edit photos, and optimize resolutions for file size and presentation clarity.

    • Text is often too sparse or too plentiful. I can edit your prose to the level you need.

    • Providing handouts? I will make sure your hard copies are readable and useful.


  • Care to see examples? View my Portfolio.


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